Inspiring Magnificence

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The name comes from the Tibetan word byin-rlabs, which means blessing.


Blessing, in the Buddhist context, is different than grace bestowed upon you.


It’s more about a sense of inspiration you receive, which awakens the potential that is already within you.


“Thus, the Tibetan word byin-rlabs is interpreted to mean: ‘to be transformed through inspiring magnificence.”*


Inspiring Magnificence is a quarterly publication to savor. The start of a deep dive into subjects like love, compassion, meditation, and the divine feminine. The entry point for rich and meaningful conversation.


Beauty uplifts the human spirit. Every issue is designed to be a visual mantra, a meeting of the divine through imagery.


Through intimate writing born of personal experience, wisdom teachings from a blessing-filled lineage, and curated content from around the world…


My goal is magnificence comes out to greet you and invites the holiness you have inside. Pulls you forward. And transforms you through inspiring your own magnificence in return.


*Blessing definition: The Tibetan Book of the Dead: First Complete Translation. Edited by Graham Coleman, Thupten Jinpa.


Premiere Issue: 40 Voices on Sending Love


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It features the offerings of 40 contributors, all sharing how they send love into the world.


Such a simple act. Still, it generates the profound, altruistic mind known as bodhichitta. Because one is thinking of others ahead of oneself.


I know you’ll recognize yourself in their generous offerings, and come away with ideas on how to make this part of your daily practice.


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