Your inner journey flows in relationship with all life.

You are continually transforming and you trust the changes you make transform the world around you.

You hear the cries of the world and respond swiftly and with great compassion. The way a mother responds to her beloved child.

Your experience of reality is vast and unified. You see things others do not see. Contemplate things others never consider. While you know there is always work to be done you simultaneously experience a pure and pristine world.

More than gender.

The Divine Feminine refers to spacious, receptive, non-linear ways of being.

A heart that holds focused love for those close and panoramic love for all beings.

A mind that embraces earth and sky. Past, present, and future as a single continuum.

The capacity to cultivate and live from these qualities.

The journey is a simultaneous, non-linear, layered process of Immersion, Emergence, and Emanation.

How will you live an illuminated life?

The upheavals of this time require attention and action. There are letters to write, donations to make, clear stands to take.

At the same time, if you've done the research, you know people with your constellation of qualities and values are a very small segment of the population.

I believe you have something unique to you, that takes into consideration all your gifts and even your limitations. Something only you can offer.

You are rare in the world. Needed by the world. Welcomed by the world.

I offer transformative wisdom and blessings for your inner journey.

Mahala Mazerov

My life is shaped by a near death vision and my years as a practicing Buddhist.


Programs, practices, and teachings to support your path.


Blessing Collection

Prayer beads and jewelry made in a sacred process of prayer and blessings.

Through your veins run rivers of abiding love and alchemical wisdom.

It would be an honor to light up the world with you.