I believe women have a deep hunger for a fully integrated life.

Where life as a mother, daughter, lover, contemplative, artist, entrepreneur, is indivisible from the spiritual path to enlightenment.


Where we dance seamlessly between meditation retreats and practicing in the world.


It may be men have this same longing. In truth, I haven’t asked. For men it may be an unspoken hunger. (And if it is, I want to hear from you.)


But I haven’t asked women, either. You are volunteering it.


In private conversations, crowded conferences, online articles and social media, yours is a continuing chorus of longing.


You’re reaching for a life that continually evolves, feels whole, and serves others through the process of becoming.


What you need and deeply desire is a way to turn caring for children or elderly parents, earning right livelihood, expressing your gifts, and being with the pain in the world to be recognized as practice.


Womb. Seed. Gestation. Birth.
I turn the words over in my mind.


Lhamo, Goddess. Divine Mother.

Khandro, Dakini. Sky-dancer.

What do these names signify? What do they point to? About ourselves? Our potential? About the unparalleled brilliance of the feminine?


How do we maintain the legacy of rich wisdom, great compassion, and true spiritual accomplishment from largely male traditions, while raising the feminine essence to her rightful, powerful place?


I have questions more than I have answers.


This is Dakini Rising.

Travel with us on this magnificent journey