Mahala Mazerov

Mahala Mazerov is a fine art photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her life has been one of navigating extreme loss while remaining true to a luminous vision following a disabling injury. Her images create pathways to radiance in the face of personal and collective suffering. She is the founder of ART HOPE HEALING, a philanthropic initiative to provide inspiring artworks to under-resourced communities and individuals.


Artist Statement

What began as a frantic search for beauty evolved into a continuing body of work celebrating all-pervasive luminosity.

I began making flower photographs because my survival depended on it. I needed to remember the incandescent, near-death vision in the hospital emergency room. I needed to believe there was life for me beyond mind-numbing grief and endless rehabilitation.⠀
Today I look through my lens and see a radiant universe. Not flowers. Not rose or petal. I am seeking the unnameable. I am inviting the essence, the presence of my subject to appear.

My photography provides a different way of engaging with the world, one I can easily manage and delight in. It is a way of meditation and devotion, a pure experience of color, shape, and symbol that lives beyond conscious narrative.

There are stories on these pages, too. In part because one is always being asked for artist and project statements. But also because stories arise and synthesize after living with the photographs.

They arise and dissolve. The luminous vision remains.


One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.
~ Minor White