In the 1998 film, You've Got Mail, there's a scene where big-box bookstore developer, Tom Hanks, is checking out Meg Ryan's jewelbox of a children's bookstore.

As he thumbs through a book he's pulled from a shelf, a helpful salesman tells him "Every picture in that book is hand tipped."

"Is that why it's so expensive?" Hanks asks.

"Yes," the salesman begins, but quickly catches himself. "No. That's why it's so valuable."

Prices can be a tender subject.

I know money discussions can be uncomfortable. But I also know you have access to malas and jewelry that cost less than what I offer here, and you practice discernment with where you place your dollars. So I'd like you to understand…

I didn't set out to make expensive prayer beads and jewelry.

In 1998 I was offering shamanic healing work and from there began exploring the medicine of healing stones. I decided to buy gemstone beads, make a few necklaces, and envelop myself in their mysteries.

Mauritanian amber. Golden sheen moonstone. Lapis lazuli. Tibetan turquoise.

Beads started pouring into the house. The stones were so luscious I could almost taste them. I was entranced. The energy was palpable, and I found myself having intuitive insights around how they could help people. How the energy could support their meditation, ennoble them, and act as jewelry talismans and touchstones.

I purchased gemstone beads across different price ranges and immediately experienced a vast difference between inexpensive beads and their high quality siblings. In addition, I began to learn which questions to ask (are these natural? dyed? rare?) and which bead sellers I could trust to give honest answers.

Quality over quantity. A crystal clear choice.

It was obvious I needed to start making things for others or stop buying beads. I didn't want to stop. I wanted to share these treasures.

But I had a decision to make.

There were already plenty of people making pretty pieces. What mattered to me was making sacred pieces. With the most profound blessings and beauty I could create. And that meant buying increasingly more expensive beads, requiring increasingly more expensive jewelry and malas.

Beauty. Essence. Value.

As I write descriptions for the prayer beads and jewelry pages, I will try to express the gifts inherent in the beads and various elements.

I want you to understand their true worth. I want you to trust the intuitive pull you feel coming through the screen. I want you to know there are blessings here. Blessings for you.

It is my heartfelt wish that this sacred jewelry inspires your natural nobility, and these valuable prayer beads support your practice.

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I hope you find something you love.