I see you.

Your inner journey flows in relationship with all life.

You are continually transforming and you trust the changes you make transform the world around you.

You hear the cries of the world and respond swiftly and with great compassion. The way a mother responds to her beloved child.

Your experience of reality is vast and unified. You see things others do not see. Contemplate things others never consider. While you know there is always work to be done, you simultaneously experience a pure and pristine world.

Luminous Vision draws on the heart of Buddhist teachings, the art of awakening, and the wisdom of unitive experience

to challenge unawareness and bring forth luminosity

in the depths of who we are, and in the world.

Luminous Vision is a fresh iteration of life-long work. It is timeless, yet it is directed to the times we are living in. If you've been part of my offerings in the past you will see familiar threads arising as this work progresses.

It is an honor lighting up the world with you.