SOLD Golden Sheen Moonstone Mala

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SOLD Golden Sheen Moonstone Mala


If you’re only accustomed to seeing white or rainbow moonstone, feast your eyes on this glorious golden sheen moonstone mala.

Moonstone has long been associated with the moon due to its iridescence. The most valuable stones also have a property, called adularescence, that makes the moonlike sheen appear to move across the surface.

The lustrous beads on this moonstone mala possess both. If you are sensitive to energy, you may be able to sense the shimmering energy as well as see it.

Like the moon, moonstone is a symbol of feminine energy. While the qualities of this stone include love and compassion, golden sheen moonstone in particular has a vibration that supports open awareness.

So far I’ve written only of the moonstone mala.

In part, that’s because my love for the Guru bead is nearly inexpressible. It’s a druzy quartz formation. And I’m so sorry it didn’t photograph well (after multiple attempts) because you can’t see the tiny crystalline structures in the bead.

To me it’s like having the swirling cosmos in miniature. Certainly the vast wisdom heart of the Guru. And ours, too, if we could only see it.

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