Please enjoy this premiere offering of Fundamental Luminosity

Before you press "play." Take a moment to ground yourself and settle. Watching this meditation is an excellent time to chant a mantra, spin a prayer wheel, or simply rest in spaciousness. You may want to hold your hands over your heart or on your belly. Pay attention to the quality of your breath as it moves in an out of your body. Or simply let go. Know that you participate in the same fundamental luminosity these images emanate. You, too, are a source.

About this meditation: On Winter Solstice, 2016, I bought a bouquet of 6 peonies, intending to photograph them for a holiday card. Luminous.Vision was taking form at the same time, and the phrase Visual Dharma had been swirling round me for years, so... As many of my projects do, this one expanded considerably between concept and completion. I hope you like it. I hope you recognize the essence of your own fundamental luminosity.

About the Flowers - After my brain injury, I went in search of a luminosity that matched the near death vision I had in the emergency room. I gifted myself with a macro lens and began photographing flowers. Over the years they have become my Dakinis. Pure. Spacious. Free. And, yes. Luminous. Through them I have seen the light of wisdom and compassion that pervades everything, and found it in myself and all beings. May it be the same for you.