Through grace or trauma, some are blessed with numinous experience. My blessing came with the ferocity of a shattering brain injury. I spent 7 years in hospital rehabilitation. I lost my identity, my friends, my way of comprehending the world.

What sustained me was a visionary experience of all-encompassing light and compassion the night of my injury.

The Yeshe series is both a memory and an invocation of this underlying radiance. It is a luminosity that pours forth and can be entered into.  Recognized by mystics, known to those who have been stripped away and close to the edge of death, it is a place of primordial return. A home that never leaves us, no matter how far we stray.

Once experienced, this vast expanse can never be doubted or forgotten.  In this presence our minds awaken; our hearts open. Carrying the memory, knowing we are inseparable, we return to the world and engage with clarity and compassion.

I share it with those who understand and those who need to believe.

What we understand to be phenomena
Are but the magical projections of the mind.
The hollow vastness of the sky
I never saw to be afraid of anything.
All this is but the self-glowing light of clarity.
There is no other cause at all.
All that happens is but my adornment.
Better, then, to stay in silent meditation.
~ Yeshe Tsogyal