In 1989, I sustained a traumatic brain injury while working. I looked down from a great height and saw my pale body lying below. But I didn't die. Instead, the universe poured in and filled me with visionary experiences of exquisite beauty. Everything was light-filled and spacious. 
I returned to a body that felt small and cramped, and a brain that required seven years of hospital rehabilitation. I held on to the memory of my vision to survive. 
This project began as a way to tell my story, for those who have seen the light and those who needed to believe.
Over time, I've come to recognize these images as an expression of one of the Five Dakini Families, who point out our neurosis and provide maps to awakening. Here is the spiritual energy of Buddha Dakini. Her color is white, her element is space, and her season is winter. She transforms confusion into all-encompassing wisdom. 
The series is evolving into a body of work on the Five Dakinis.
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